Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bioenergy Healing - Zdenko Domančić

Zdenko Domančić is a Croatian man who has been doing bioenergy healing for more than 30 years. Depending on the illness, the treatments usually would consist of four 15-20 minute sessions with a person at the same time for four days in a row, and followup sessions depending on the condition. Rather than having private sessions with people, he does the work in a room full of people with all of the clients sitting around and music playing in the background. He asks only for donations of what a person can afford to pay and will accept for example a loaf of bread, some flowers, or a hug of gratitude if a person has no money. People line up down the street every day to see him as word of his work has spread far and wide. Apparently this therapy is effective in cases where nothing else has been helpful. In the following video, one man reports that his Hepatitis C vanished entirely, which is supposedly impossible.

Think About It: A Healing Documentary