Saturday, November 20, 2010

Zdenko Domančić Bioenergy Therapy

My search for truth in the area of energy medicine, which sort of began in the late nineties when I read the book Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, has led me in many directions in the last three years. I am still skeptical, but equally hopeful that working with people energetically really can stimulate their healing. I feel that it is only a matter of time before I am completely convinced of the efficacy of energy medicine, especially since I have found my energy medicine "home" - the approach that resonates with me most deeply - in the Bioenergy Therapy method of Zdenko Domančić. I feel so fortunate that I live a mere five-hour journey away from his clinic in Slovenia so that I could meet him personally and learn his methods at his clinic. I have attended the Level I and Level II seminars and I hope as time passes that I will have more and more opportunities to practice what I have learned, grow as a therapist, and eventually graduate from his training programme.

I respect Zdenko Domančić greatly. He has selflessly dedicated the last 35 years of his life to treating more than 1.3 million sick people with his methods. He does not charge a set fee for treatment, but leaves it up to the patient to thank him monetarily at the end of the four-day treatment in whatever way they feel is fair. If a person has no money, he does not turn them away. It takes three to six months to get an appointment at the clinic because there are so many people who seek this treatment.

Scientists in the former Yugoslavia, and more recently in Croatia and Slovenia, have carried out various studies of his methods. For example, he was asked to apply the energy to calcium carbonate crystals in a water solution. Prior to the application of energy, the crystals were square. After applying bioenergy, the crystals had transformed into shapes resembling plants and flowers. In another experiment, he worked on patients with gangrene and his methods restored blood flow and health to the diseased tissues in just a few days so that amputations were no longer necessary. Scientists tried to shield test items from his bioenergy using barriers several meters thick, but the bioenergy was proven to be as effective with the barriers as it would have been without them. Skin cells in a case brought into the clinic grew at a much faster rate than in the laboratory without any special attention from any of the bioenergy therapists at the clinic. It is therapeutic simply to sit in the same room while others are receiving bioenergy treatments from the bioenergy therapists.

There are many different methods in the world today for working with people energetically, but Zdenko Domančić Bioenergy Therapy is the first one I have found with defined protocols, refined during more than 35 years of practical application, to handle specific conditions. What's more, in order to be effective, one only needs to have received the Level I training at the clinic and to perform the protocols as taught. One woman at the seminar that I just attended told the story of treating a woman who had had unbearable dermatitis for seven years. After four days of bioenergy therapy, the dermatitis was gone and the woman's skin was "new - like a baby's skin".

Monday, June 21, 2010

Morgellons - a modern day leprosy

A little more than a year ago, I learned that one of my favorite musicians, Joni Mitchell, was suffering from a condition called Morgellons disease. Here is a more recent report that mentions Joni Mitchell and a baseball player named Billy Kotch.

The symptoms of Morgellons include sensations of stinging, biting, and itching of the skin, something crawling under one's skin, skin lesions that don't heal and within which red and/or blue and/or white fibres can be found, hair loss if the scalp is involved, lymph-node swelling, fatigue, and joint pain. Upon further research, I learned that people who live with other people who have this disease eventually get the disease themselves, so that whole families can become infected, and that if Morgellons sufferers have lived in a house and sell the house, anyone who later moves into the house can also become infected.

No one knows how this disease began to be transmitted, although there are theories that include chemtrails, aliens, and genetic engineering, probably because the fibers that extrude from the lesions have a composition unrelated to any known substance. The Morgellons pop-up menu at this website has excellent information about laboratory tests which have been conducted privately on Morgellons fibers. I found one site with an article saying that Morgellons has been around since the 1960's.

There is currently no widely-accepted cure, but following are some links to sites with suggestions:
having a Bath with Sun powdered laundry detergent with Colorsafe Bleach PLUS Alfalfa tablets, and other ideas

colloidal silver

many personal accounts from Morgellons suffers


I'm afraid to travel to the USA because genetic engineering seems to be going on there without much public outcry so maybe it is in the water and the food there, although possibly Morgellons exists in every country but Iceland, and at least already in the USA and Europe, so I guess I am not really safe where I live now anyway.

Yesterday, in addition to looking for anything new about Morgellons and further truth about 9/11 (another of my favorite topics), I went to Washington's Blog and read a lot about the oil spill, and also read some articles about extra-terrestrials (the link is one of five articles) and, well, everything started intersecting in my head in a weird way. Life really is so random. Maybe there are ETs who have infected the world with this new leprosy. Maybe it is rather evil scientists who are concocting these ills for humanity. Certainly there are greedy corporate executives who care more about further filling their already over-full coffers than whether or not our grandchildren can breathe, and politicians who continue to sell out to them. Maybe there is nothing we can do to prevent pain and destruction and the bleeding of oil on our beautiful planet. Maybe if it all vanishes it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, if we really are anyway so much more than what we are able to perceive. For now, though, since we are all still here and to keep to the point, I hope that a cure will soon be found for Morgellons before it becomes a world-wide plague.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bioenergy Healing - Zdenko Domančić

Zdenko Domančić is a Croatian man who has been doing bioenergy healing for more than 30 years. Depending on the illness, the treatments usually would consist of four 15-20 minute sessions with a person at the same time for four days in a row, and followup sessions depending on the condition. Rather than having private sessions with people, he does the work in a room full of people with all of the clients sitting around and music playing in the background. He asks only for donations of what a person can afford to pay and will accept for example a loaf of bread, some flowers, or a hug of gratitude if a person has no money. People line up down the street every day to see him as word of his work has spread far and wide. Apparently this therapy is effective in cases where nothing else has been helpful. In the following video, one man reports that his Hepatitis C vanished entirely, which is supposedly impossible.

Think About It: A Healing Documentary