Tuesday, August 22, 2017

perfect, whole, blameless...

I believe that the earth is random - that no matter how good our ability to think positively might be, bad things can still happen.  Even if we are good, bad things can happen.  We should not judge ourselves or others according to our fortune or misfortune.  It's a function of life on earth that random bad and good things happen.  Even in nature we have the good things that the seasons bring - springtime with its flowers and green leaves, summer with its fruits and berries, autumn with its nuts and melons and grapes, and beautiful leaves changed from the crisp morning air, winter in the north with its freezing temperatures and frozen ground and lakes that we can skate on and snow that we shovel and ski on.  But at any time of year there can be disasters caused by weather, earthquakes, forest fires, tsunamis, floods, mudslides, avalanches, tornadoes, rain, and lightning.  Airplanes and cars crash, boats sink, people fall down and break their legs or get run over by cars or buses or trucks. It's all so random and unpredictable.  We live in this earth and can suddenly get sick with something, through no fault of our thought processes or how we live our lives.  Bad people can and do prosper, in spite of their badness.  The story of Job, the god fearing man, suddenly afflicted with all kinds of illnesses and all his friends assumed that it was because of something he did wrong when really it had nothing to do with him and was not related to his goodness or lack of it.  We should not judge others according to the bad things that happen to them.  Their illnesses can be totally random - their loss of fortune totally unrelated to anything they did or did not do.  We need to not judge people according to their physical condition. A person in trouble did not necessarily get there because of anything they did wrong.  I really believe this!  We are all essentially perfect, whole, blameless.

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